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Ghana Waste Platform
Ghana Waste Platform
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Ghana Waste Platform
A Waste Resource
Ghana Waste Platform

Welcome to the ‘Waste’ Recovery Platform.

Here, you have the opportunity to connect and exchange information and ideas with all actors playing a role in promoting waste recovery in Ghana.
Be part of the space!

Our Goals

Improve Formal and Informal Sector Connections

Through innovative apps that allow the informal sector to formalize and scale-up.

Create Online Market For Waste

Create an online market for recycled products to help other initiatives be more viable/scale-up.

Increase Investor Confidence

Increase confidence in the sector through scientific-based economic decisions.

Demonstrate Scaling of Waste Recovery Businesses

Demonstrate economic potential whilst meeting social and environmental needs.

Facilitate Collaboration

Between research institutions, private sector, government and civil society.

Provide a Space for the Circular Economy

Provide a space for engaging citizens to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.


We aim to connect all actors in the waste management value chain to promote waste recovery.

The following groups constitute the waste platform:


General Members

All individuals and organizations with interests in promoting efficient waste management and resource recovery in Ghana. Their continuous participation and voluntary contribution of technical knowledge and time help make the ‘Waste’ Recovery Platform existent and continuously relevant.


Steering Board

They provide leadership at a strategic level, by ensuring organizational buy-in, commitment from member agencies, continuous availability of requisite resources, external influence and oversight of the “Waste” Recovery Platform and potentially other initiatives that could be re-conducted under the Platform


Advisory Group

Technical Working Groups which are spaces for members of the Platform to undertake in-depth discussion on specific issues related to the performance and continued relevancy of the Platform.


Management Team

The operational unit of the Platform, in charge of the daily activities of the ‘Waste’ Recovery Platform.



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