West African Feeds

West African Feeds

This project seeks to create economic value by eliminating unsafe methods of organic waste disposal within water bodies, street corners and areas outside of Accra. Partnerships with local waste collectors, municipalities, and community youth ensure organic waste is acquired from households, faecal storage tanks, restaurants, breweries, and market centers which is used as organic material for black soldier fly larvae production (BSFL). Organic fertilizer and BSFL based animal feed produced generates revenue from horticulturists, fertilizer distributors, commercial farmers, landscaping firms, fish farmers, poultry farmers, pet food manufacturers and animal feed distributors.

Award: Business advisory service from Ernst and Young and $26,000 Grant


Award Duration: October 2019- July 2020


Lead Person: Rose Serwaa Oduro


Telephone: 020 907 7546


Email: rosebudserwaa22@gmail.com


Location: 27 Agbotui Avenue, Madina