Neat Eco Feeds Ltd

Neat Eco Feeds Ltd

The project involves collecting and recycling waste to suitable substrates to produce maggots and compost. The maggots are affordable, green and have sustainably high protein feed for fish, poultry birds and keets. Maggots’ feed serves as a perfect replacement for current orthodox protein product offering in the market and the farmer makes an economic gain in replacing fishmeal with maggot feed, thereby making an attractive investment. This innovation keeps abattoirs and communities clean and helps restore the quality of water bodies for livestock and humans.

Award: Business advisory service from Ernst and Young and $39,200 Grant


Award Duration: October 2019- July 2020


Lead Person: Lincoln Winimi Peedah


Telephone: 0382097058, 0201331473, 0549972710




Location: Bazunde-Zebilla, off Zebilla –Bolgatanga Road